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New Poster of 8th Global Film Festival Released

Posted by Sanjay Shah on November 9, 2015 at 6:01 0 Comments

Noida: “Marwah Studio is the pillar of Entertainment Industry of India. I am impressed by the activities of the Centre. I am feeling important to release the poster of the most prestigious film festival of the nation,” said H.E. Dr. Sabit Subasic Ambassador of Bosnia And Herzegovina to…


Music And Art Increase Brain Power

Posted by Mark Nitro on November 9, 2015 at 2:13 0 Comments

Some days would you just feel some time older than it is best to? You want more energy to do the things you like. Inside you still feel young, but it doesn't quite show up in your actions and mood. Well there's hope. Prepared to turn the dimmer switch up a few notches and brighten the day.…


Exercise In Your Brain Power

Posted by Mark Nitro on November 9, 2015 at 2:12 0 Comments

The most productive people still require motivate themselves each and every. They spend a lot your own time working out what motivates them to help you keep going and that's how they achieve many of incredible things they attain. It's been that way for centuries and will be that way for hundreds more. It's human nature.

Third, start scheduling spare time into working day and stick to it. I know this…


E-Commerce Associates Wanted Immediately!

Posted by Louis Mayhew on November 7, 2015 at 21:22 0 Comments

INSTANTLY INCREASE YOUR SALES plugging your products and services into TripleClicks. - We take you global! Reach millions of potential customers worldwide on one of the fastest growing, international e-commerce sites on the Web. We put the marketing muscle of over 100,000 SFI affiliates to work for you, promoting and selling your products and services in over 20,000…



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"i would like to publish classified ad enclose below with your newspaper and send postmail payments of $20us get back to me thanks as wellmy ads hereyour country is one of the greatest places on earthmy email:…"
Oct 26, 2014
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Valued company job applications sent to so many firms with Top iron ideas having a list not employed at a fee per company can lead to millions of incoming checks anything profiting each firm even getting bigger payed jobs with the right presentationsales benefiting each firm when certain firms want something not listed in so many exzamples for big checks just emailme for thoes details at

Valued billion $ international products via email sales as localotteries are big business in most countries private lottery ventures and sites buying any lottery ticket from any country can be even bigger business when millions of people place a order for regular choosen lottery tickets or quick picks purchase and sent from private dealers no taxes are needed but country taxes when visitors claim their fortune bring in more business for lots of holiday visitors out of billions of worldwide internationalottery buyers as private dealers buy a lottery ticket at $1 and sold at $2 then sent after payments orders can also be placed when visiting certain countries with given receipts of purchasing numbers.........

Exzamples uk private sellers gets so many overseasales lottery visitors with given receipts anything won funds are sent by international checks or credit cards with service deductions rather than tax deductions as private sellers gain billions of $ incomes plus other ways of drawing visitors for billion $ lottery sales gaining the trust of overseas visitors........................

Private overseashops in many countries can take down overseas lottery numbers at double the price purchase from main lottery brances from 1$ to 2$ sales or private outlets as percentiages are gained by so many overseas lottery sales or private dealer locations.........................

Billion $ popular products besides lottery tickets can also bring in bigger sales as some do things the hard way not making things easier for the buyers who pays for their giving product for visitor demands emailme back........................

Valued neighbourhood lottery jobs can have million $ rewards as some send simple job message notes offering to cut lawns and sharping tools as one adds a lottery ticket once getting thoes simple jobs keeping a extra payed copy of that neighbours house lottery ticket for so many neighbour houses millions are made receiving entries for every working $ collects building your future dreams and also many other ways of looking at your neighbour lottery job ticket as well gaining the trust of many contacts........................

Valued hacker programs can give you millions in your pocket blocking hackers besure to get the one blocking hackers that gives pop up messages saying who,s hacking especially in your town which can be traced through phone network with ip address location as caribsurf once hacked many of their clients and stole valued info according to complaints lawsuits can give you million $ checks on winning streets once you write down all ip addreses of hacking computers........................

valued free hotel vacations in other countries can be big pay checks as all hotels are covered with hotel insurance for certain things happing to hotel guest lost and stolen food poision wet floors accidents staff abuseing guest as black people workers are very hateful for winning street free vacation checks and hotels have many discomforts for $ wins........................

Valued certain demanding sea foods are hard to find fishing in big oceans so try locating at live fish markets for private house sea farming rooms on certain live male and female sea foods can make millions on restaurants lobster crab sea eggs etc as all it takes is some sea weed for feeding as well a few females and 1 male it,s better than doing alot of seeking in a big open ocean as you collect on your private stock........................

many unemployed can pull in 1$ million jobs with certificates sold at 12$ or $10 rather than company forms sitting on the waiting list along with attachments working "thinks" of anything benefiting to firms can bring in millions of profits.....

How many working machines do the kind of work others find hard to solve which comes in many areas subjectalk" brightalk" teacheads" detailing machines building new futures for families updating old times for better times storing the kind of data as blueprints take form with the right layout materials........................

I offer you a free visitors gift as well as a list of all kinds of new projects exzamples which is on the yahoo sites justipe "valued subjects" as others are saved onto a flash drive plus adding to your favourite needs and a test me trial so you can see what i can do for you creating your kind of valued needs and you can reach me at eather 3 emails........................

surfing stations related in the choice of seperate realistate houses only on a choice listick........................
carsales only click 01
stores only click 02
churches only click 03
traffic exchanges only click 04
renters only click 5 plus many more............

When promoting other people business in your home town at so many small fees which adds up onto a flyer can give a pay check drawing a crowd of paying visitors of millions........................

Holiday vacation flyers of so many added payed business clients with their email or street can give a million dollar check by a quick small fee advertising while visiting countries .......................

Drawing businessales can be a lottery for so many people on winning streets as only thoes who sends paying visitors gets a lottery check........................

Advertising for other people with limited ads seeking jobs, selling houses, dating companion and hotel stays etc can be big business especially ones on demand visiting that country as well as putting value onto each sales client as a lottery after so many payments for every $1 spents contuning sales.....................

ocean cruise ships can be big business getting free holiday first class trips once you are smart enough gaining the confidence of ocean passengers as each one has a desire to gain certain rewards economy can,t mix with first class for every ocean ship visitor that wants to tour sight seeing locations grab a taxi who knows places payed before ship reaches port ( pay a fix taxi price not daily fees) as it cost less getting more trips for that day as buses do it as well as 5 pounds bus weekly ticket covers a week in trips than regular fees drawing sales profiting with visitor lottery rewards for each payed visitor as well as others listed ocean cruise passengers........................

ocean cruise ships can be big business getting free holiday first class trips once you are smart enough gaining the confidence of ocean passengers as each one has a desire to gain certain rewards economy can,t mix with first class for every ocean ship visitor that wants to tour sight seeing locations grab a taxi who knows places payed before ship reaches port ( pay a fix taxi price not daily fees) as it cost less getting more trips for that day as buses do it as well as 5 pounds bus weekly ticket covers a week in trips than regular fees drawing sales profiting with visitor lottery rewards for each payed visitor as well as others listed ocean cruise passengers........................

Countries lottery credit cardsold in many countries uk sweden norway finland germany new zealand etc...
these lottery credit cards have choosenumbers or quick picks operates just like credit cards with yearly fees puthrough scans anything won winnings are sent to private holiday vacation accounts even renewing as it builds many country situations........................

What do you think than regular lotteries as a family "investmenticket" as there,s many families paying 20$ for so many draws as names gets called rather than numbers........................

neighbourhood houses can have alot of value than renters only for space operations and advertisers also home ventures listing along with beneficial landlords.......................

Have you ever heard of a gold and silver color coded postal stamps as they don,t have a $ sign for sale on them But other kinds of value for certain people that can aford them for first class which covers expencives than regular stamps........................

Vacation holiday raffle tickets at 5$ for 100.000 entries is a half million $ with $100.000 in prizes devided as single vacation packages for many draws every year per visitor drawing sales with $400.000 left over as profit.........

valued neighbourhood houses can have alot of value than just renters space operations and advertisers with house ventures listing along with beneficialandlords........................

What do you "think" than regular lotteries as well as a "family investmenticket" as there,s many families paying 20$ for so many draws as names gets called rather than numbers........................

valued neighbourhood houses can have alot of value than just renters space operations and advertisers with house ventures listing along with beneficialandlords........................

commercial coded emails for landing in quite a few inboxes here want more let me know. "" <>,
:"" <>, :"" <>, "" <>, :"" <>, :"" <>,:"" <>, "" <>, :"" <>, :"" <>.......................

"what kind of business do you do?.....First of all I,m creating all kinds of valued new projects to draw your kind of visitors to you making sales with exzamples in my link "only" plus if i ever get through, i plan to build a "working machine" that works for you in any giving situation that makes "blueprints" on any giving new project that does the impossible that others have difficulty time achieving "understand" as i have the plansaved on a flash drive, if you notice carefully what we didn,t have in your grandfathers days we are now getting today as well as other new things that makes sales If i left anything out you feel we should have please enclose it exzample;.......................
improving dating!
improving lotteries!
improving buildings!
improving sites!
improving things you like to see!
improving tourism!
improving electronics!
improving aircrafts!
improving detectors!
improving spacecrafts!
improving lots more importanthings!.......................

Valued "working machine" with the perfect kinds of upgrades creating new jobs, new farming developments, new realistate housing, new church achievements, upgrading the kinds of things alot like to see even airline safty in many areas, new lottery winning games moreasier, so how many have a "working machine" upgrading situations with all kinds of new ideas get in now before it,s too late........................
Economy new jobs
Economy new products
Economy new insurance policies
Economy new certificates
Economy new workers
Economy new Investments

How many "working machines" do the kind of work others find hard to solve which can come in many other kinds of areas subjectalk" brightalk" teacheads" as detailing machines building new futures for families updating old times for better times make things easier not harder as profits can grow on both sides with better kinds of deals "think" what a "working machine" can do for you in many areas creating ideas upgrading places with the right programs as it even advances over the years storing the kind of data as blueprints take form with the right layout materials........................

If you have a "working maching" with the right setups you can get all sorts of nice "blueprints" getting pass thoes who don,t have the right layouts drawing visitors eather pipeline sending or card invitations and online codes for each visitor and your "working machine" can do other kinds of important jobs business or studients........................

Whatever the situation when it comes to the economy especially when company and banks over charge can pick up to improve with the right kinds of materials as all sales in many depts can have back up plans........................

Free vacation sharing holiday tickets to any part of the world at profitable fees after so many limited holiday tickets a nice lottery prize is rewarded with lots of sharing investments making everything more easier for alot of holiday visitors plus other areas of business as well for shopper sales........................

I,m promoting quite a few exzamples in my enclose link of new kinds of valued project sales plus many more fast item sales etc if you don,t see one that values you i promise you will still get it please let me know!.......................

american-coneyisland and mexican-coneyisland can have alot of value with committed visitors making them safe even a 2 in 1 price tag ticket sold which acts like a savings paying more in sales on every visit a choose of a valued price or regular price to see who shows alot of interest everytime someone buys a ticket it can have differient kinds of value prizes or savings on return visits let me know if you want more michael!.......................

Share this with someone you know in your neighbourhood business it concerns all kinds of new projects helping and building new kinds of jobs etc with lots of exzamples in the enclose links what you value supporting families........................

I am applying for work in your country in a special kind of way with beneficial services thinking differiently compared to other applications with working ideas of all kinds enclose plus your own valued ideas as alot have been used as well as having showing exzamples of all kinds even more not shown as yet building business sales even sharing valuedsubjects and new designs via email If something can be worked out please let me know !.......................

telephone via email can be connected for alerts waiting for important messages by a simple alert light or email sound when not at your computer when flag better than call waiting.......................

If you want to attractourism to your country more than other countries there are differient kinds of value from a list you should add which commits them in returning on holidays even from a list i have saved on a flashdrive, do you wish it sent. let me know........................

Refined oil as some countries sell oil for 2 3 4 $ a barrel whatever to thoes refineries or gastations as alot don,t like to give any sort of value to payed visitors that if so many barrels are bought like 10 or more they get a extra barrel getting more visitorsales onto ones side etc even buying gasoline for cars at gastations for every car get a "company card" or "business card" after so many sales committing each visitor to buy from your business plus your sales percentiages can be already be added gaining your visitors........................

Remember when you have lets say 1000 lobsters in a pool tank with 1 male lobster find out how many babies comes from 1 female lobster, so you know how many million dollars sales are made........................

Tourist on holidays look for deals so a "visitors card" can allow 1 extra day on return visits plus more besides stays........................

collecting lobsters are simple lobsters as you should know can be rear over fishing with compititon fishing boats trying to catch them, being a good seller, amoung millions even billions of peoplesales, But all it takes really is a large fish boil restaurant pool, lots of female lobsters and only one male lobster untill he slows down to be replaced, cause more males fight over females as lobsters breading for babies which saves time in big ocean depts besure it has plenty sea weed in the pool for feeding your lobsters the kinds of fish food to muliply them........................

Share your companion machine with overseas friends that does it all on winning streets........................

Ask yourself...

I would like to make $______ per week

I would like to take _______ vacation(s) per year

I would like to purchase a new car for cash valued at _______
my blog here new projects

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what new ideas can i do for you.... whatever you need in ideas!!!....

Posted on April 27, 2014 at 15:17 0 Comments ...many pictures at googles on display new projects

what new ideas can i do for you.... whatever you need in ideas!!!.... i have what you wantest me…


what do you think of a "sling bingo shared check" advertised for 3 million krons

Posted on March 20, 2014 at 12:03 0 Comments

what do you think of a "sling bingo shared check" advertised for 3 million krons after so many visitor payments playing as 20 payed visitors get 50.000 krons and sling bingo gains 2 million krons building sales and this can also work on almost anything such as: website shared…


Many ways of inventing so many new items eather machine diagram program set ups in all angles

Posted on October 8, 2013 at 12:31 0 Comments

Many ways of inventing so many new items eather machine diagram program set ups in all angles of layouts with picture updating plus certain books recorded into the program.........

when inventing better ways of getting ideas should be done in a wellayed out focusing house as skilled visitors see what changes they would like on certain goods as such a invent house is devided into sections.......

checkout these new inventions................

Inventing new updates



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At 13:00 on April 1, 2013, Aussiegirl said…

Michael nice to meet you, I have reach my ning network contact limit, so please when you have a moment befriend me, Cheers Lori

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